Thanks for purchasing whitelabel and supporting us!

Please follow this guide very carefully. If you skip a single step, nothing will work - you've been warned. The process should not take more than 10 minutes, and will only need to be done once.

If you haven't done so already, you'll need to link your Patreon and Discord accounts on this page.

Patreon has a longer guide on how to do this here.

(Step 2 of 8) Create A Bot

Next, we'll need to create your custom bot that Tickets will run under.

To do this, visit the Discord developer portal and press New Application in the top right:

New application

Enter a name for your bot and press create.

From here, you can change your bot's avatar:

General Information

(Step 3 of 8) Tweak Settings

Next, we need to edit some very important settings.

Switch to the Bot tab in the sidebar, press Add Bot and confirm:

Create Bot

You'll then be presented with new settings. Apply the following:

  • Set Public Bot to off
  • Set Requires OAuth2 Code Grant to off (default)
  • Set Presence Intent to off (default)
  • HIGHLY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP: Set Server Members Intent to on
  • HIGHLY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP: Set Message Content Intent to on

You can ignore the Bot Permissions section, it is simply a calculator and does not affect anything.

Please ensure that you have enabled Server Members Intent and Message Content Intent: without them, your bot will not start.

Finally, ensure to save your changes.

Your settings should look as follows:

Bot Settings

(Step 4 of 8) Starting The Bot

Next, head over to the Tickets dashboard and select the Whitelabel tab on the sidebar.

First, we have to submit the bot's token. This is like a password to the bot. Never send this token to anyone, even in our support server.

Head back over to the bot tab on the Discord developer portal and copy the token:

Copy Token

Then in the Whitelabel section of the Tickets dashboard, paste it into the Bot Token field and press Submit:

Submit Token

You will then be presented with a message saying that the bot is now online.

If you receive an error, make sure that you copied the token fully (not the client secret.) Additionally, refresh the page and check the Error Log table for any errors.

(Step 5 of 8) Inviting The Bot To Your Server

Before you can invite the bot to your server, you must kick the main Tickets#6981 bot from your server. It is extremely important that you do this before inviting your custom bot to your server. If you do not do this, you risk data loss.

Kick Bot

You may have noticed that the Generate Invite Link button is no longer disabled after submitting the token.

Upon clicking the button, you will be taken to the normal bot invite page - select your server and authorise. It is important that you grant the bot all the permissions that it asks for.


We are not finished yet. Although the bot may be in your server, no commands or buttons will work until you complete ALL steps of the guide.

(Step 6 of 8) Configuring Interactions

Do not skip this step. Your bot will not work if you skip it.

It is very important that you follow these instructions in the exact order they are written.

Head back to the General Information tab of the Discord developer portal. Locate the Public Key field, and press copy:

Copy Public Key

Head back to the whitelabel tab on our dashboard. Under the Slash Commands heading, there is a Public Key field. Paste the public key into that field, and press Submit Key.

Paste Public Key

Next, highlight the text in the Interactions Endpoint URL field, just above the Public Key field. Copy this link and head back over to the Discord developer portal.

Copy Interaction URL

Paste the URL into the corresponding Interactions Endpoint URL field and press save changes.

Paste Interaction URL

If you are presented with the error interactions_endpoint_url: The specified interactions endpoint URL could not be verified, this means that you have either copied the interaction URL incorrectly, or not submitted the public key to our dashboard yet.

(Step 7 of 8) Creating Slash Commands

Simply head back to our dashboard and press the Create Slash Commands button. Note that they may take up to an hour to show in your server.

Create Commands

(Step 8 of 8) Activating Premium Perks

The last mandatory step is to activate the premium perks that come with whitelabel for your server.

Go to your discord server and run the command /premium. You must select the command when it displays to you after typing. Make sure to choose patreon since that is how you paid for the whitelabel bot. Giveaway Key is not used here.

  • If patreon is not a selectable option, then your premium perks are already applied to the server.

Activate Premium Perks

And you're done! There are a few more optional steps if you wish to take them.

Optional: Custom Status

You can optionally change your custom bot's status. Simply enter the new status on the dashboard and press Submit.

Playing, Listening, and Watching are all currently available.

Custom Status

Optional: Privacy Policy & ToS

On the General Information tab of the Discord developer portal, you may have noticed Terms Of Service URL and Privacy Policy URL fields.

You can enter our policies here to inform users of how their data may be used.

Terms Of Service: https://ticketsbot.net/terms-of-service
Privacy Policy: https://ticketsbot.net/privacy