Staff Teams can be used to further customize which of your staff members can see, claim, respond to, and close specific types of tickets. This is possible because Staff Teams get linked to individual reaction panels however you see fit. Click to learn more about reaction panels or the support teams input.

Basic Video Walkthrough

Primary View

Upon opening the Staff Teams menu, there will be two main areas displayed:

Staff team card

Create Team

Create new Staff Teams here by typing in a team name and clicking Submit.

  • A team must exist before it can be managed.

Manage Teams

Options for managing a team:

Manage teams card

Delete a Staff Team

Select the team you wish to delete, and a red Delete button will appear next to #1 of photo above.

Add Members/Roles to a Staff Team

  • Select the team in which you wish to add the members/roles (#1)
  • Search for the member or role you wish to add (#3) and click + Add To Team
  • Member/Role will appear in area #2 of photo above

Remove Members/Roles to a Staff Team

  • Select the team in which you wish to remove the members/roles (#1)
  • Click Delete button next to the name of member/role to remove, in area #2 of photo above

Delete from teams

Default Team

The Default team cannot be deleted. Those members/roles added with the /addadmin and /addsupport commands get added to this team automatically.

  • Learn more about these two commands here.
  • Learn more about the rest of the commands here