We now support using private threads for tickets! This is a new optional mode for the bot that drastically changes how tickets operate.

Instead of the whole support team being added to a ticket when it is opened, the thread starts out with no staff members. A button is then sent to your ticket notification channel which staff members click to be added to the thread:


Channel vs Thread Comparison

Tickets cannot be reopened once closedTickets can be reopened
Transcripts only viewable on dashboardTranscripts viewable on dashbord, and within Discord
Limited to 500 channels total, and only 50 channels in a single categoryUnlimited threads
All staff on support team added to ticketStaff members must press button to join ticket
Tickets can be claimedTicket claiming is unsupported 1
/switchpanel changes the ticket panel of an existing ticket/switchpanel is unsupported 2
No concept of on-call staffStaff can be marked as on-call to automatically be pinged and added to tickets
No spaces in channel namesSpaces in channel names permitted: e.g. Ticket 1234

Staff members must individually click a button to join the ticket, so the behaviour is replicated


This is due to Discord's permission management internals being very different for threads


Thread mode introduces a new command: /on-call. When a staff member runs this command, they will be assigned roles marking them as on call, until they run the command again. When a new ticket is opened, the on call roles are pinged in the ticket, instantly adding all currently on call staff members to the ticket.

Note: When a staff member becomes on call, they will not be added to any existing tickets. They must join them via the ticket notification channel as normal.

How do I enable thread mode?

You can enable threads directly within Discord, by using the command /setup use-threads, like so:

Use Threads Command

Alternately, you can enable threads via the settings page of the dashboard:

Settings page


Which mode should I use?

If you run a server with a small team, we would likely recommend sticking with channel mode. If you run a server with a heavy focus on 1-on-1 support or claiming, we would recommend thread mode. Nevertheless, if you require any of the additional features like reopening tickets, you must use thread mode.

Why can't the bot add the support team to the thread straight away?

Permission management capability on threads has been heavily limited by Discord. It is not possible to add or remove members in bulk.

Will channel mode be removed?

No, both modes will be supported forever. Thread mode is completely optional.

My users can't type in their support tickets!

You must grant the "Send Messages in Threads" permission to your @everyone role in the panel channel:

Edit channel

Grant send messages