General CommandsDescription
/aboutInformation about the bot
/helpDisplays a list of commands
/inviteProvides an invite link for the bot
/voteGives a link to vote for free premium beneftis                                         
Ticket CommandsDescription
/add (user)Add a user to an existing ticket
/claimAssigns a single staff member to the current ticket
/close (reason)Closes the current ticket
/closerequest (close_delay) (reason)                                   Sends a message asking the ticket opener to approve or deny closing of the ticket
/jumptotopDisplays a button to click and will automatically scroll to the top of the ticket
/on-callToggles whether the user of command will be added and pinged to all new thread mode tickets
/open (subject)Opens a new ticket
/remove (user)Removes a user from the current ticket
/rename (new_ticket_name)Renames the current ticket
/reopen (ticket ID)reopens a thread ticket that was previously closed
/switchpanel (to_panel)Switches the current ticket to another ticket panel - changing the channel category, support teams, etc
/transfer (user)Transfers a claimed ticket to another user
/unclaimRemoves the claim on the current ticket
Setting CommandsDescription
/addadmin (user_or_role)Grants a user or role admin priveledges of the bot
/addsupport (user_or_role)Adds a user or role as a support representative
/autoclose configureEdit autoclose related settings
/autoclose excludeExcludes the current ticket from being automatically closed
/blacklist (user_or_role)Toggles whether users are allowed to interact with the bot
/language (language)Changes the language the bot messages are displayed in
/panelProvides a link to create a reaction panel for users to open tickets
/premiumActivates premium benefits after purchasing (choose patreon on select menu)
/removeadmin (user_or_role)Revokes a user's or role's admin priveledges
/removesupport (user_or_role)Revokes a user's or role's support representative priviledges
/setup autoBot will make a very basic configuration (no reaction panels - you'll still want to customize on dashboard)
/setup prefixChange the prefix used for non slash commands (default is t!) NOTE: Prefix commands are no longer supported, must use slash commands
/setup welcomemessageChange the overall welcome message
/setup limitChange the quantity of tickets a single user can have open at the same time
/setup transcriptsChange the transcripts channel
/setup categoryChange the category of where tickets will open when using the /open command
/viewstaffLists the staff members and roles (admin or support)
Tag CommandsDescription
/managetags addAdds a new tag
/managetags delete                         Deletes a tag
/managetags listLists all existing tags
/tag (tag_id)Sends a message snippet                                                     
Statistics Commands  Description
/stats userDisplays statistics about the selected user                                           
/stats serverDisplays statistics about the server